Pimpin Chkn

Oakland Made

Food Vibes

Fire food, In the heart of
East Oakland


Buttermilk-brined and doubled-dredge chicken breast or thigh, combined with cole slaw, homemade Pimpin Sauce on a homemade bun.


Buttermilk-brined and doubled-dredge chicken leg, tender, and wing. Comes with homemade Pimpin sauce.


Dino kale, house caeser, fried chicken bits, roasted chicken breast, parm, and house croutons


Buttermilk-brined chicken breast, perfectly deep fried comes with cole slaw.


Cajun mashed potato balls dunked in a buttermilk-brine tossed in bread crumbs then perfectly fried. Topped off with Pimpin Sour Cream.