Our Story

Our Story

Where It All Began

Many People ask…. “What made you think of Pimpin Chkn?” It was a simple discussion between father and son. We both were coming up with some ideas for a great fried chicken spot to give the community and have options that everyone loved. We were going on about how it’ll serve the community, affordable prices and great quality, also on how we wanted it a small vendor located on the corner of 57th and international. 

Well… we all know internationals history and now things have lifted in the light of business owning and black leadership. As we were pondering my Dad said abruptly “Pimpin Chkn.” I replied, “What! Pimpin Chkn! I’m on the corner of 57th international pimping chicken. Catchy yet humorous.” It was set in stone. Then on We’ve been working to make Pimpin Chkn a Oakland Staple which has started to become a community favorite.

Connection To Our Community



“This is the absolute best fried chicken I’ve ever had. I’m definitely coming back for more!!”

– Kelly H.

“Best fried chicken sandwich in town!
Everything is home made!!!
Sells out quick, be sure to pre order!”

– Lindsay D.

The love and attention to detail Eli puts into this food is of the stars. Everything is homemade- even the bun!!!!!

– Amy D.